Resources for Research Teams

Our expert research teams within the SPOR Evidence Alliance regularly respond to inquiries from decision-makers, providing them with evidence to address persistent, emerging and/or urgent health challenges in Canada and beyond.

To ensure consistent product delivery, we have developed a series of templates and guidance documents for research teams.

For more resources for patient-driven research projects, check out the Resources for Patient-Driven Research Teams.

Guidance Tools and Resources

Reflective Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Exercise

Designed to support exploration of the social advantages and/or disadvantages in an individual’s life, and learn how these intersecting social factors can impact a research project.

Guidance on Engaging Patient and Public Partners in Research as a Researcher

Designed to provide guidance to researchers wishing to engage patients and members of the public in health research in a meaningful, non-tokenistic way.

Guidance on Being a Patient and Public Partner in Research

Designed to provide guidance to patient and public partners on how to engage in health research in a meaningful and collaborative way.

Resource List for Rapid Review Methods Guidance

Designed to provide guidance on best practices in the conduct of rapid reviews.

Right Review Tool

Formerly known as ‘What Review is Right for You?’, this new and improved tool has been designed to help determine the right knowledge synthesis approach for your specific research question and objective along with helpful resources and examples for the specific approach.

Menu of Knowledge Dissemination Approaches

Co-designed with our Knowledge Translation Committee to outline some common strategies to share research findings and activities with various audiences, as well as outline strategies that SPOR Evidence Alliance research teams and research partners can use to share knowledge with intended audiences.


Patient and Public Engagement Request Form

Designed for SPOR Evidence Alliance researchers wishing to request support in identifying and engaging patients and/or members of the public in SPOR Evidence Alliance-administered research projects.

Conflicts of Interest (COI) Declaration Form

To minimize the influence of conflicts of interest (COI) within the SPOR Evidence Alliance and all its research activities, it is crucial to uphold standards that are rigorous and transparent with regards to the scientific approaches used, and the reporting and sharing of research findings.


Work Plan Template

Designed to provide a narrative roadmap of a research project.
*To be used in tandem with the study budget template.

Study Budget Template

Designed to report on the operational budget and cost sharing for a research project.
*To be used in tandem with the work plan template.

Progress Update Template

Designed to document and report on the status of ongoing research project progress.

Report Template

Designed to present a detailed technical narrative of a completed research project.

Research Brief Template

Designed to present a high-level technical summary of a completed research project.

Plain Language Summary Template

Designed to present a high-level summary of a completed research project for a lay audience.

Methods Publications

Rapid Reviews Methods Series: Involving patient and public partners, healthcare providers and policymakers as knowledge users

Discusses the importance of involving knowledge users in developing rapid reviews, and provides detailed steps on how and when to involve knowledge users, including patient and public involvement.

Methodological guidance for incorporating equity when informing rapid-policy and guideline development

 Provides guidance for considering equity in rapid reviews through examples of published COVID-19 rapid reviews.