Research Query Services

Responding to Research Requests

The SPOR Evidence Alliance specializes in supporting health system decision-maker needs for purpose-driven and context-sensitive evidence to inform health policy and practice changes using knowledge synthesis, guidelines development, or knowledge translation approaches.

We also accept research topic suggestions from patients and members of the public.

We are able to respond to research queries in both English and French.

For a research service request or topic suggestions to be considered, they must fulfill the following criteria:

    1. Research topic must involve health.
    2. Research topic concerns an existing or planned health policy, health practice, or health service decision.
    3. Request must be made by or on behalf of a decision-maker.
    4. Request can be addressed with a knowledge synthesis, guideline development, or knowledge translation approach.

Requests from Patients and Members of the Public

Research topics submitted by patients and members of the are reviewed once a year and prioritized using a modified James Lind Alliance (JLA) approach by a panel of patients, healthcare providers, and other decision-makers.

The top 3 research priorities are completed within one year.


Requests from Health System Decision-Makers

We accept research requests from health system decision-makers from Canada and internationally who are seeking evidence to address a gap in their health system.  Health system decision-makers can include government entities, funders, health system managers, healthcare providers, etc.

Each request is carefully reviewed on an ongoing basis and prioritized based on the potential impact of the research on the health of the Canadian population and healthcare system.

We can respond to requests with urgent timelines using our rapid response approach and provide information within 3 months.

All other requests are addressed using our standard response approach, whereby requested information is provided within 12 months.

Overview of Decision-Maker Request Process