Research Query Services

Responding to Research Requests

The SPOR Evidence Alliance specializes in knowledge synthesis, guidelines, and knowledge translation approaches in gathering demand driven and context sensitive evidence to support policy and practice decisions within health systems.

For a research service request to be considered, it must meet the following criteria:

    1. Request relates to a health topic.
    2. Request concerns an existing or planned health policy or practice decision.
    3. Request must be made by or on behalf of a decision-maker.
    4. Request can be addressed with a knowledge synthesis, guideline development, or knowledge translation approach.

You can submit a request using one of our targeted online forms.

If you are a policy maker, health system manager, guideline developer, and health care provider seeking evidence to inform a health policy or practice decision, please use the policy-maker and health care provider form. If you are patient or member of the public, please use the patient and public form.


Overview of Our Research Query Service Intake and Response Process