Looking For Research-Based Evidence? The SPOR Evidence Alliance can help gather information from research evidence in a systematic and transparent way to answer your health-related questions. Ask a Question COVID-19 Evidence Synthesis The SPOR Evidence Alliance has been responding to decision-maker request for timely and up-to-date synthesis of scientific evidence on COVID-19. Continue Reading


Welcome to Our Alliance!

The Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Evidence Alliance is a partnership between researchers, patients and members of the public, healthcare providers, health system managers, policy-makers, and other decision-makers across Canada (and beyond) who are committed to building a Canadian health system that is increasingly informed and improved using the best available health research evidence.


The SPOR Evidence Alliance is jointly funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) under the SPOR initiative and 41 partners from public and not-for-profit sectors across Canada. Together, we work towards creating a collaborative research environment that is centred around patients and health system decision-makers as part of Canada’s SPOR initiative.


What is the SPOR Evidence Alliance?



What We Do


We respond to decision-maker research priorities and needs in knowledge synthesis, guideline development, and knowledge translation

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We offer a range of courses and workshops for individuals who develop or use knowledge synthesis, guidelines, and knowledge translation products

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We advance the science and application of knowledge synthesis, guidelines, and knowledge translation activities

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Please share - the SPOR Evidence Alliance is hiring a Research Coordinator! This role will support the research and administrative tasks within the SPOR Evidence Alliance. If interested, please click this link: https://www.recruitingsite.com/csbsites/unityhealth/JobDescription.asp?lang=en&JobNumber=889416

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