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The SPOR Evidence Alliance is a partnership between researchers, patients, healthcare providers, policymakers, and other decision-makers who are committed to building a Canadian health system that is increasingly informed and improved using best available evidence and innovations uncovered by the health research community.

The Alliance is jointly funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research  and 41 public agencies and organizations across Canada to create a collaborative research environment that is centred around patients and health system decision-makers as part of the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research initiative.


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What We Do


We respond to decision-maker research priorities and needs in knowledge synthesis, guideline development, and knowledge translation

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We offer a range of courses and workshops to support and grow individuals who develop or use knowledge synthesis, guidelines, and knowledge translation products

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We help advance the science and application of knowledge synthesis, guidelines, and knowledge translation activities

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In the most comprehensive review to date, nonpharmacologic interventions are shown to be more effective than medications for treatment of #agitation and #aggression in #dementia. An NMA by @JennAnnWatt, @zahrasgoodarzi, @AVeroniki, & @ATricco. @KTCanada https://t.co/TS5NDtTw5S

Looking for potential activities for #patientengagement in a specific phase of your research project? Check out our tool (and how to use it!): https://t.co/U0r7mdslEE #patientengagement #PPI #researchmethods #patientinvolvement #patientvoice #participatory #CBPR

Dr. @ATricco will be giving a talk on the #SPOREvidenceAlliance titled “A Canadian Model for Providing High Quality Evidence for Health Decision-Maker Needs" at #GINJBI2019 on November 1st at 3:30PM ACDT. See you there! @GINConference

Check out this new job opportunity at @SFU – they are hiring a Knowledge Mobilization Officer (full time, 3 year term). Deadline is October 27th!

You can find the full job description here: https://t.co/rRuOZCgpJu

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