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Membership Benefits

Members of the SPOR Evidence Alliance (hereafter, the Alliance) will have access to the following benefits:

  • Access to a broad network of researchers across Canada with advanced expertise in the areas of knowledge synthesis, clinical practice guidelines development, knowledge translation, and patient-oriented research across various disciplines
  • Opportunity for Canada-wide collaboration on various projects, grant applications and funding opportunities
  • Opportunity to participate in one of six committees and provide leadership on the governance and strategic direction of the Alliance
  • Participate in various capacity-building initiatives and have exclusive access to online courses and training material
  • Opportunity for knowledge users, trainees, and patient partners to gain practical research experience through involvement in research projects
  • Access to mentorship and practicum opportunities  offered by the Alliance partner organizations and members
  • Opportunity to participate in the yearly Seed Grant competitions to support the conception of projects by trainees and junior researchers

Registration Process

Individuals must register to join the Alliance in one of the four membership types defined below:

  • Knowledge user: A knowledge user is an individual who is likely to use Alliance research findings to make informed decisions about health policies, programs and/or practices (e.g., clinical practice guideline developer, policy-maker, health system manager, patient)
  • Patient partner: A patient is inclusive of a person living with a health condition or someone who has experience with a condition/interaction with the healthcare system, such as a family member or a friend
  • Researcher: A researcher is an individual who is autonomous regarding their research activities and has an academic or research appointment (e.g., scientist, assistant professor, professor, lecturer)
  • Trainee: A research trainee is an individual who is enhancing their research skills through actual involvement in research and who works under the formal supervision of an independent researcher (e.g., graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, clinical fellow at an academic/research institution). Trainees must also be working under or mentored by a researcher who is a current member of the Alliance to register.


The following information must be included with to complete your registration:

  1. Full Curriculum Vitae (CV), including publication list (required for Researcher and Trainee applicants) or a Resume outlining relevant experience (required for Patient Partner and Knowledge User applicants)
  2. A 1-page letter of motivation describing what you hope to gain from and bring to the Alliance (e.g. area of research expertise, etc.)
  3. If you were referred by a current Alliance member, a letter of support (mandatory for Trainee applicants) from the referring Alliance member will strengthen your application.


If you have any questions about the registration process or the Alliance membership, please contact


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