Prevention of Workplace Violence towards Health Care Professionals

What is Known About the Prevention of Workplace Violence Towards Health Care Professionals in Emergency Departments: A Rapid Review

Project Status:Complete

Knowledge User(s)

St. Michael's Hospital

Patient/Public Partner(s)

Elliot PausJenssen, Priscille-Nice Sanon

Project Trainee(s)

Chantelle Recsky, Melissa Moynihan


Valorie Crooks, Christopher Mcleod, Sharon Provost

Funding Source(s)

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) through the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Evidence Alliance
  • Unity Health Toronto

Project Objectives

To determine what interventions could be implemented to reduce workplace violence towards health care professionals in the emergency departments of Unity Health Toronto.

Research Approach

Rapid Review

Project Lead(s)

Clayon Hamilton

Position: Simon Fraser University

Clayon Hamilton

Simon Fraser University

Project Outputs

Research Brief


Impact Statement

“Working with the SPOR Evidence Alliance Team has been a great experience. Clinicians in the emergency department face rising levels of violence, and finding effective solutions to mitigate this issue were challenged. Based on the advice of a trusted colleague, I connected with the team and the rest is history!

Through multiple meetings, we refined our question and our approach. Patient and family advisors were engaged to provide a needed perspective. I am proud that our work is now in print, and available to emergency departments working to create safer spaces for staff and for patients.”

– Orla Smith, Unity Health Toronto