Kelly Mrklas

Position: Alberta Health Services

Kelly Mrklas is a national expert, co-investigator, and consultant supporting the development, execution and evaluation of knowledge translation (KT) and implementation science (IS) strategies on local, provincial, national and international scales. Kelly helps clinicians, researchers, decision- and policy makers, health care leaders and staff across Alberta turn high quality knowledge, innovations and improvements into daily work. Kelly works in partnership to design and troubleshoot implementation within workflow, care pathways, research and improvement programs for efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability. Kelly is a named KT/IS investigator, collaborator and/or knowledge user on 30 major research initiatives totaling more than $23M and facilitated over double that number of major funding submissions in the past 6 years. During the same time, she conducted more than 300 consults, gave 85 presentations, with roles as lead/co-lead in clinical and research initiatives involving knowledge synthesis, integrated KT, implementation and its evaluation, and sustainability. Kelly’s doctoral work focuses on tools for assessing the outcomes and impacts of health research partnerships and integrated KT, supported by a CIHR Foundation Scheme (FDN#143237).