Headshot of Cris Carter

Cris Carter

Position: Patient Partner, NL Support

Cris Carter lives in St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) where she engages with the health care system as a Patient Partner on the NL Support -SPOR Patient Advisory Council. She joined the Council in 2016 and helped roll out patient-oriented research training for researchers, medical personnel, and prospective patient partners to promote patient engagement in NL. Cris has been engaged as a Patient Partner on several local research projects into treatments for diabetes.  When the COVID pandemic began in 2020, Cris became a member of the team investigating, “The impact of COVID-19 isolation on Long-Term Care residents – a visitors perspective,” a project initiated by the NL Support-SPOR Patient Advisory Council.  She is excited to begin research in 2024 on the health topic, “Patient Perspectives on Family Care Teams,” a project funded through the SPOR Evidence Alliance.