Co-creating in-hospital physical activity program for children during cancer care

Principal Applicant
Amanda Wurz
Supervisor/Mentor Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed
Academic Institution University of Calgary
Project Title Co-creating in-hospital physical activity programming to enhance health for children during treatment for cancer
Funding Duration 2019-2020
Award Value $10,000
Proposed Method/Science Mixed-methods longitudinal study
Project Summary In-hospital physical activity during treatment for childhood cancer is proven to have clear benefits and is widely advocated, though not implemented within service delivery in Canada. This Mixed-Methods Longitudinal project will produce an in-hospital physical activity program that will be disseminated to pediatric oncology units across Canada. Data collected will be analyzed using the hybrid inductive-deductive approach which will be guided by the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research framework. Stakeholder engagement is anticipated to facilitate buy-in for the program co-creation phase later on.
Anticipated Impact The study will fill the gap of patient engagement in pediatric oncology service delivery. The program produced will be disseminated to pediatric oncology units across Canada, serving as a sustainable implementation model for in-hospital physical activity.