[CLOSED] Committee Membership Application

Committee Member Position Description: Application Closed


  • Title: Committee Member
  • Responsible to: Nominated Principal Investigators and Co-Principal Investigators
  • Eligibility: Current member of the Alliance
  • Status: Voluntary

Application Form

No current openings, please check back soon.


The SPOR Evidence Alliance (the Alliance) is a Canada-wide partnership of researchers, trainees, patient partners, health care providers and policy-makers who are committed to promoting a Canadian health system that is informed and continuously improved with scientific evidence.


Our collaborative research initiative is made possible with funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and 41 funding partners from public and not-for-profit sectors.


The Alliance wishes to engage committee members who are highly proactive and committed to providing expertise and advice to the selected committee.

Committee Member Commitment

The Nominated Principal Investigators along with the Co-Principal Investigators have established the following standing committees to assist them in governing the Alliance initiative:

    1. International Advisory Committee
    2. Executive Committee
    3. Steering Committee
    4. Partnerships Committee
    5. Knowledge Translation Committee
    6. Training and Capacity Development Committee


The Principal Investigators may also establish ad hoc working groups to consider and execute matters of special importance.


If you are selected to serve on the committee of your choosing, it is expected that you will actively contribute your expertise, experiences and network to assist the committee to fulfill its functions.


Each committee operates in accordance to its Terms of Reference as approved by the Nominated Principal Investigator, co-chairs of the committee and its members. The Terms of Reference, committee performance, and committee membership are reviewed annually.


Please carefully read this document to become familiar with the purpose and mandates of each of the committees.


Committee members are required to attend and participate in committee meetings and commit 20 – 30 hours of their time annually to engage in committee activities including the following:

    • Attend up to three committee meetings virtually (3 – 4 hours per year)
    • Attend the in-person Annual General Meeting; remote access is also available (8 hours per year)
    • Respond to committee related emails and phone calls (3 – 4 hours per year)
    • Participate in committee initiated activities (10 – 15 hours per year)

Committee Member Role

    • Play an advisory role to the Alliance
    • Review the Alliance’s Annual Report on progress and make recommendations within the committee’s mandate
    • Attend and participate in committee meetings in a collaborative and constructive manner that promotes tangible outcomes


Please note: Committee members are not expected to direct or undertake any activities resulting from their recommendations. The Central Coordinating Office will operationalize all action items with direction from the Principal Investigators.


Membership is encouraged for a 2-year term, but there is no obligation should you wish to withdraw your participation at any time. Our goal is to maintain an overlap in members from year to year to encourage continuity and consistency in the activities and functions of the committee.


The Nominated Principal Investigator, together with the existing co-Chair(s) and committee members will review the applications to identify candidates who best exemplify the roles and responsibilities of the vacant seat. The Alliance is committed to ensuring equity, inclusivity and diversity in its membership and governance.


The Alliance Central Coordinating Office provides administrative support to the committee, performing functions such as:

    • Maintaining membership lists and contact details of each member
    • Circulating agendas, meeting minutes and documentation to committee members
    • Organizing materials and all logistics for committee meetings
    • Supporting the Chair in their role and responsibilities


Please direct any questions to the Alliance Central Coordinating Office at SPOREA@smh.ca.