Knowledge Uptake and Use at the Organizational Level

Knowledge acquisition, assimilation, and use at the organizational level

A scoping review to map the evidence on how to measure and define absorptive capacity of an organization related to the adoption and implementation of a program, policy, or practice change.

Findings from this review will inform a KT-indicator framework being developed by Health Canada.  It is anticipated that the research findings will be also useful to anyone developing tools to improve implementation processes and outcomes.



Commissioning Organization:

Health Canada


Project Type:

Knowledge Synthesis


Project Status:




Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) under the Strategy for Patient Oriented-Research (SPOR) initiative

Project Lead:

Christina Godfrey RN, PhD

Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Queen’s University

Co-Director and Methodologist, Queen’s Collaboration for Health Care Quality: A JBI Centre of Excellence

Lecturer, Joanna Briggs Institute, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Adelaide


Project Team:

Queen’s Collaboration for Health Care Quality (QcHcQ): A JBI Centre of Excellence

Download Findings:

No documents available. 


Coming soon.