We Build Capacity

The SPOR Evidence Alliance builds capacity in knowledge synthesis, clinical practice guideline development, knowledge translation, and patient-oriented research. Using the SPOR Capacity Development Framework, we offer multidisciplinary mentorship opportunities in various settings with a focus on professional skills development, best practices, effective resource sharing, and career support. The goal is to build a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration and mentorship, while balancing the value of clinical and academic goals.

The SPOR Evidence Alliance has three educational streams to build capacity across Canada.


Graduate-level trainees and fellows

  • Trainees are given opportunities to participate in research activities as a team member from onset through to completion
  • Trainees can participate in online graduate courses to help develop competencies in the core research methods
  • Salary support is provided each year to two graduate-level trainees in the science of knowledge synthesis, clinical practice guideline development, patient-oriented research, or knowledge translation



Researchers and research staff

  • All researchers and research staff affiliated with the SPOR Evidence Alliance are able to participate in all online courses we offer



Patients and other knowledge users

  • Patients and knowledge user can participate in a variety of courses developed specifically for them
  • Whenever possible, patients are included in the research teams carrying out the research projects
  • Knowledge users can also be a part of the research teams to complete a short 1-3 month practicum