Consideration for Gender-Diverse People in Clinical Practice Guideline Development

Principal Applicant
Richard Henry
Supervisor/Mentor Dr. Brett Thombs
Academic Institution McGill University
Project Title Incorporation of recommendations for gender-diverse people in clinical practice guidelines: A review of traditionally sex-binary guidelines and recommendations
Funding Duration 2021-2022
Award Value $10,000
Proposed Method/Science Review of Clinical Practice Guidelines
Project Summary Disparities and barriers to health care are well-documented among gender-diverse individuals. General guidelines for health care of gender-diverse people—generally focused on transition-related care—have been developed, but substantially less attention has been paid to gender-diverse individuals in guidelines of specific health services or conditions. General practitioners typically rely on service- or health condition-specific guidance and may not understand or consider implications for gender-diverse individuals. The goal of the project is to improve health care guidance for gender-diverse individuals by providing guideline producers and health care practitioners with information about the degree that existing guidelines address needs of gender-diverse individuals and examples where they have been addressed appropriately.
About the Applicant Dr. Richard Henry is a postdoctoral fellow at McGill University. His research is focused on cohort-based trial models in scleroderma and in gender-diverse individuals’ health and on examining issues of health equity across identities (e.g., gender, LGBTQ+, chronic disease).