[CLOSED] 2020 Seed Grant Competition

2020 Seed Grant: Advancing the Science of Guideline Development in a Patient-Oriented Research Setting

At a Glance

The SPOR Evidence Alliance Seed Grant aims to encourage a culture of learning, innovation, and advancement of science in the areas of knowledge synthesis, guideline development, knowledge translation, and patient-oriented research by funding methods projects at the conceptual stage.

Only projects studying methodological advancements of guideline development in a patient-oriented research setting will be considered; guideline projects themselves are not eligible for inclusion. Successful projects must have a strong focus on patient-oriented research and include stakeholder engagement in the conduct of the work.

NOTE: Priority will be given to proposals that aim to engage and improve health outcomes for Black, Indigenous, and socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.


Applicants wishing to apply for the seed grant must be:

  • a doctoral student, post-doctoral fellow or an early career investigator (i.e., full-time, independent researcher for a period of 0 to 5 years) [1] at a Canadian institution, and
  • a member of the Alliance (prospective applicants are required to complete member registration prior to applying)

Value and Duration

  • Funding is available for two awards valued at $10,000 each for one year (non-renewable).


Advancing the science of guideline development in a patient-oriented research setting.

For the purpose of this grant, guidelines are defined as a set of evidence-informed recommendations related to practice, public health, or policy for informing and assisting decision-makers (e.g. policy-makers, health care providers, or patients). [2]

Important Dates

  • Application opens: August 4, 2020 (12:00PM EDT)
  • Application deadline: October 4, 2020 (11:59PM EDT)
  • Anticipated notice of decision: December 1, 2020 (delayed)
  • Anticipated funding start date: January 4, 2021


For all inquiries, please contact SPOR Evidence Alliance at SPOREA@smh.ca



[1] Canadian Institutes of Health Research. (2020). Glossary of Funding-Related Terms. Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Available at https://cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/34190.html
[2] World Health Organization. (‎2014)‎. WHO handbook for guideline development, 2nd ed. World Health Organization. Available at https://apps.who.int/iris/handle/10665/145714


Application is now closed.