First Query Launch

We are pleased to announce that the SPOR Evidence Alliance will begin working on its first research query on the topic of Extended Scope of Practice in Family Medicine.

The request came from the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services that is currently developing a tool to encourage clinicians to adopt an extended scope of practice to better meet the health care needs of the population. Findings from this rapid review will inform their position to promote extended scope of practice in family medicine.

More information on the query is provided in the attached document.

Please email us at by this Friday, August 3rd, if:

• you are or anyone you know is currently working on a similar review, as one of the functions of the Alliance is to avoid duplication of efforts

• you are someone who is interested in using the findings from this rapid review to inform decision-making, as we would like to make sure the information is relevant for you

Kind regards,
SPOR Evidence Alliance